Competition Rules

MobilPRO – Innovation and Mobility

2019 Edition


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The organizers of the contest “MobilPRO – Innovation and Mobility” are:

  • Electronics Students League
  • POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest (PUB)
  • Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology” (ETTI), from Bucharest, 6th district ,  Splaiul Independentei  Street, no. 313,  having the C.U.I. 4183199

The decision of signing up according to the rules from the present regulation is final and mandatory for the participants.

The organizers reserve the rights to modify or change the regulation, but not before informing the public by publishing, 48 hours earlier, on the official website of the competition, .



“MobilPRO – Innovation and Mobility” 2018 Edition contest will take place between 23th November 2017 and 17th March 2018, on Romania’s territory and on the official website of the competition:

The competition will be splitting into 2 stages, each stage having a different deployment structure. The organizers reserve the right to prolong the duration of the competition while it is in progress, but not before informing the public by publishing, 24 hours earlier, on the official website of the competition, .



“MobilPRO – Innovation and Mobility” contest is open to any college or university student, at least 14 years old when entering the competition.

Participation in the contest is free of charge.

The participants will team up, each team having between 1 and 5 members (college or university students) and maximum 1 coordinator (mentor/tutor/guide), complying with the rules form the present regulation.

The coordinator must be at least a higher education institution graduate from the country or abroad. Each member can be part of only one team. To join this competition, the participants must agree with all the terms and conditions from the present regulation.




In order to sign up in this competition, the participants must follow some precise rules, specified in this Regulations and published on the official website of competition,

The idea of the application signed up in this competition must correspond with the motto of the competition: “Innovation and Mobility”.

By Innovation, as it’s defined here:, we understand Product innovation,  which in the case of the software applications would mean new applications or existing applications slightly improved, either by modifying the basic characteristics, leading to the enhancement of the quality and / or of the services offered by the product to the consumer, either by creating new functions.

On the other side, “minor technical modifications or the estetic ones are not considered innovations, because the changes that occured doesn’t affect the performances, properties, costs or materials used for obtaining the product.”

The mobility requires the application to be installed and to function on a mobile terminal with touchscreen(smartphone, tablet, etc.) and the promotion of the ideas which highlights the permanent movement (change) of the information technology of the world that we live in.(paragraph valid only for the second section on the contest Million $ Idea)

The applications ideas must correspond to one of the 3 themes (sections) of the MobilPRO 2018 edition:


THEME 2 is based on the traditional and main theme, around which the entire contest is centered. The participants must present in the contest an application installed on a mobile device (or a simulator) which is able to meet a minimum of functionality.

For the development of the application it is accepted any mobile platform (any mobile terminal with touchscreen and any operating system).

THEME 1 and THEME 3 are introduced in premiere in the MobilPRO 2019 edition

None of the suggested themes doesn’t force a limitation of technology, platform or programing language used.



The “MobilPRO – Inovation and Mobility” 2018 Edition will take place between 13th November 2017 and 1st April 2018, on two distinct stages.




Between 13th  November 2017 and 22nd December 2017 will take place the first enrollment stage of the applications ideas for MobilPRO, through the official website of the competition,

The enrollment stage is divided in 3 periods:

  • 13th November 2017 – 22nd December 2017
  • 08th January 2018 – 29th January 2018
  • 5th February 2018 – 26th February 2018

At the end of each enrollment period takes place the validation of the ideas eligibility (prejudging). At the request of the participants, the prejudging can take place even before the end of the registraton period they are in. On the entire enrollment period, the participants can register an unlimited number of ideas and can do an unlimited number of changes in the team structure. Also, during the enrollment/prejudging period, the ideas can be changed and the changes must be confirmed by the organizers.

In the sections of the register form given on the official website of the competition,, the participants must obligatorily specify the following details:

  • the names of the people which form part of the team and their contact details (email and phone number);
  • a short description of the proposed application idea, which should contain between 1 paragraph and 1 page of written text about each of the following topics:
  • the audience whom the application is addresed to;
  • the usage scenario taken into consideration;
  • the theme or the themes in which their application idea fits, from the three themes of the curent edition;
  • a comparison with other similar applications;
  • all the details that point out the inovation potential of the application’s idea.

The submitted  teams will also be requested through the enrollment form a way in which they should demonstrate the fact that they have the necessary knowledge to create an unstable application on a mobile terminal, for example, to create an unstable application ”HelloMobilPRO” installed on the platform on which they want to create the application.

Any problem occured during the sign up process can be pointed out to the organizers through the email adress:


At the end of each enrollment period, provided by the present Regulations, takes place the validation of the signed up ideas eligibility (prejudging). At the request of the participants, the prejudging can take place even before the end of the enrollment period they are in.

The prejudging is led by the MobilPRO 2018 organizing team, team composed of professor from ETTI Faculty and LSE members. The president of the jury will be Prof. Dr. Eng. Sever PAȘCA, The Director of the “Applied Electronics and Information Engineering” (EAII) Department from ETTI Faculty, UPB.

The purpose of this analysis is to select the ideas that correspond to the requirments specified in the present regulations:

  • the idea of the signed up application must correspond as much as possible to the motto of the contest: “Inovation and Mobility”
  • the pointed out application has to correspond to the proposed themes
  • the participants should prove the fact that they have the necessary knowledge to create an installable application on a mobile terminal on the platform on which they want to create the application.

At the end of this analysis, the teams qualified for STAGE 2 of the competition will be chosen.

The qualified applications for stage 2 will be announced on the official website of the competition an the end of every enrollment period.



The teames qualified in the second stage have to implement their ideas of mobile applications evaluated in the previous stage and to sign up the result of the mobile applications, through the official website of the contest, Along with the enrollment of the applications, the participants have to declair on their own responsability that the application (the source code and the graphic elements) are originals.

For the 5th edition a DEMO is required for all the tracks.

The exact way of enrollment will be made available for the participants after the validation of the idea took place, but not earlier. The enrollment of the applications will have to include both the source code and the application in a direct and installable form, loaded on the official website of the competition.

Any problem occured in the enrollment process can be announced to the organizers through the mail adress:


Step 2: (JUDGING)

Between 17th and 19th March 2018 (at an exact date and hour which will be announced at the latest on 8th March 2018 on the official website of the competition, the signed up applications of the qualified teams in second stage will be presented (with their entire) in front of a jury formed by the teachers of the ETTI Faculty, LSE members and representatives of the sponsors. The president of the jury will be the professor  Dr. Eng. Sever PAȘCA, The Director of the EAII Department from ETTI Faculty, UPB

Clearly, an obligatory condition for an application to be judged is for it to be functional.

The assessment criteria taken into consideration by the jury for the applications from stage 2 of the competition are the following:

the innovation brought by the application – this one being apreciated by the novelty degree which it presents, the new functions and the improvement degree of the qualities and/or the services towards any other similar products (the criterion counts in proportion of 20% out of the total score)

the design of the application- this one being appreciated on the esthetic and ergonomic elements presented (the criterion counts in proportion of 20% out of the total score)

the quality of the application’s source code/the quality of the software architecture – this one being appreciated by the used technologies, the elegance of the programming, the optimization degree of the application’s code on the used platform, for application’s purposes (the criterion counts in proportion of 20% out of the total score);

exploitation of resources provided by the mobile terminal – this one being appreciated on the total complexity of the facilities which the application is exploiting on the mobile terminal (the criterion counts in proportion of 20% out of the total score);

the way of presentation – being considered the clarity and the coherence of the presentation speech, the degree in which the functionality is demonstrated in front of the jury, the quality of the application’s official documentation, as the quality of the slideshow or the alternative chosed by the participants (the criterion counts in proportion of 20% out of the total score)

The first three mobile applications resulted by the judge’s score will be declared the winners of the 3 Sections (Themes).



The winning teams chosen in the outcome of the result of the jury’s analysis will be announced on the official site at the end of the competition, on 1st April 2018.

The award will not be given to the winning team but to the next one ranked due to the obtained score from the jury for competition’s application in the following conditions:

-if the winning team didn’t fulfilled all the conditions of this Regualtions

-if the winning team is not the rightful owner of the application with which they have signed up in the competition



The section can be modified according to the sponsor’s requirements .

All the signed up applications in the contest remain the property of the participating teams, with whom the team can participate in other contests too.

Though by the enrollment in the competition of an application ,the participating teams agree that the organizers to have access to their source code of the application for evaluating the quality of the source code.

The participating team understands and agrees that the organizers don’t have , either now or in the future , any obligation or any direct/indirect responsibility ,any type of contribution, towards the copyright infringement or protection of the participating team.



The taxes direct linked to the prizes from the competition according to the Romanian tax legislation of the domain will be the organizer’s task .

Any other cost or expense towards provision and receipt or use of the prize is the exclusive responsibility of the winning team.



The contest will be stopped only in special cases of major forces or by the decision of the organizers , but not before the public announcement on the official website of the contest:

Also , any modifications/addition which the organizers will make to the regulation will be the subject of an annex which will be able to be obtained /consulted freely on the official website of the competition :



Through the registration in the contest the participating team agrees with the provisions and requirements of this Regulation. By the enrollment in the competition is by default understood that the participating team knows the provisions of the regulation and that they agree with its terms. All the participating teams in this competition benefit by the rights provided by Law no. 677/2001.

By filling the personal data in the enrollment form in the competition ,the members of the participating teams agree to be included in the database of the organizers.

The creation of a database which contains personal information, during the competition , aimed : the designation competition winner ;informing the participants, through different ways of communication ( post , email ,or other ways of informing), about the details of the competition and other further details.

Each member of the participating team has the right to request removal from the database by sending a written request to the email address:

The organizers shall not disclose personal data to third parties participating team members.



Any dispute between the organizers and the winning teams will be resolved amicably; otherwise, disputes will be settled by the courts competent Romanian municipality of Bucharest. The applicable law is Romanian law.



A copy of the Rules of the competition is freely available to any interested person on the official website of the competition,