In an enviroment in which the requirements has increased, IT automatization is facilitating the delivery for products in a fast and flexible manner. Taking into consideration all of these, IT services are still based on people’s powers such as: creativity, commitment, enthusiasm and other skills. In our company, people are on the first place! This is reflected in our personnel: 44% of our emplyees are here for almost 10 years, from which 5% are working for more than 20 years in Kepler. In such volatile enviroment described be IT domain from Romania, for us, all stated above, is saying everything.
Kepler-Rominfo is a unique software company from Roamania. We are offering personalized software services for the majority of the companies from Fortune 500 and for those companies that are growing fast, on a global scale. We are proud for achieving over 1000 project realted to 100+ clients from over 30 countries.
From it’s foundation in 1995, Kepler-Rominfo is taking into consideration to become one of the most important consulting companies from Eastern Europe. With clients spreaded on four continents – North America. Europe, Africa and Asia, we are surely and steadily building a considerable presence in tech world.
Kepler hadn’t become a succes form the start. Since the beginning we grow, stept by step, overcaming any challlenge in order to become a well structerd and defined company. Our expansion has increased in 2016 due to aquisition done by ALTEN Group, which is a global leader in engineering adn IT.
Founded in 1988, Alten Group is a multinational french company with over 28.000 emploiees in over 20 countries. The techinical skills provided by the Kepler company, with the „know-how” guide and the experience provided by ALTEN Group in business growing are setting the perspectives for an ambitious plan realting Kepler’s growing in the international domain, including Romania.
In this competitive domain, the clients need a stable partner. Our results are proving the fact that we are here to stay. Our clients have trust in us, a reason for which we have more than 5 projects in which we invested over 18 years. Wea are proud of the following achievements:
1. We are the first software company from Romania that was certified ISO:9001 by an international company (from 1997).
2. We are a romanian company with the most Porject Managers, PMI certified.
3. We had been nominated in Top 100 inovative IT services companies and in TOP 10 Eastern Europe companies by Global Services magazine.
Co-author Mosaic (first mass-used web browser) – Marc Andressen stated: „The software is eating the world”. We are believing that the most important characteristic of the software is that it helps at creating a new world. Especially from our desire to create a better world, we are proud with our implication in the creation of many inovative projects such as Consult Station – a medical and intelligent office which has the purpose to help izolated people, social or geographical speaking. This solution provided by H4D, represents the first step in intelligent medicine. For this project, Kepler is developed entirely the software platform used by the outpost. Being satelite connected, with the help provided by the video-cameras and a screen, the contact between the pacient and doctor is made, in such manner that they we’ll be able to comunicate from far distances.
Another inovative project in which we contributed and we are proud of is realted to an aplication which is able to control and record all the events that take place in an airport, including monitorizing the wild life. The software aplication is checking the take-off and landing tracks having advanced reporting systems. Kepler is also involved in the development for a FinTehc solution for one of the biggest telecomunication companies from the globe. This project involves creating a virtual curency which is safe, with whch, as a consumer, we’ll be able to pay any services using only the mobile phone.

Let’s develop a new world!